An automatic assessment system for musical exercises

Music Critic is an innovative technology with which to evaluate musical exercises sung or played by students, giving meaningful feedback. It is a service that uses the Basic LTI standard and can be easily integrated in online applications or education platforms.

Music Critic is being developed by Music Technology Group, Universitat Pompeu Fabra within the context of the TECSOME project.



Music Critic supports a wide variety of musical exercises at many expertise levels.

Evaluates like Human

Music Critic is based on a machine learning technology that mimics the teacher’s criteria.

Used with Any Platform

Music Critic is based on an API, web service, which can be accessed by any software application, including on-line courses.

State of the Art

Developed and maintained by the MTG-UPF, one of the leading research centers in music technology.


Here are some example uses of Music Critic in different types of music exercises.

  • Latency Calibration. Should be done before any other exercise to estimate your setup latency. It will improve the accuracy of the rhythm assessment.
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  • Guitar Open Strings. Simple exercise with the guitar.
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  • Guitar Chromatic Scale. Evaluates guitar performances of a chromatic scale.
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  • Guitar Chords. Evaluates guitar performances of a chord sequence.
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Music Critic has been developed, maintained, and improved thanks to researchers from the MTG.

  • Bariş Bozkurt
  • Oriol Romani
  • Vsevolod Eremenko
  • Emir Demirel
  • Rong Gong
  • Sankalp Gulati
  • Tae Hun Kim
  • and
  • Xavier Serra


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