MusicCritic is designed to transform online music teaching/learning towards a much richer experience for both teachers and students. It provides support technologies for online music education, facilitating assessment of student performances and the two-way communication between the teacher and the student for feedback.

MusicCritic is a service that uses the Basic LTI standard and can be easily integrated in online education platforms using a Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Using MusicCritic interfaces, the teachers can easily design music practice exercises, analyze and assess student performances in various dimensions(intonation, rhythm, timbre) with the support of cutting edge automatic assessment tools and compose feedbacks in a multi-modal way. Being able to communicate in richer ways, teacher and students are more engaged and motivated and every student is given the chance to get quick support.

MusicCritic has been developed by Music Technology Group, Universitat Pompeu Fabra within the context of the TECSOME project. For any further information or licensing inquiries contact us.